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Challenger Children's Fund.

Challenger Children’s Fund is a Scottish based charity established by Trust Deed in 1978 for providing “aids to, and the maintenance, clothing, education, outfit in life or otherwise for the general benefit and well being” of any disabled person under the age of 18.

Applications for grants up to £500 are accepted when made by a sponsor on behalf of physically disabled children who are resident in Scotland. These can be for anything that is not provided by statutory sources.

The attached application form, when completed, should be downloaded for signature by the parent / guardian and sponsor. Thereafter it should be posted to the address shown on the form.

Meetings are held approximately every 8-10 weeks. THE NEXT DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS TO BE RECEIVED IS FRIDAY 22nd JUNE 2018. If an application is received after this date it will not be considered until the following meeting.

Criteria & Application Form

Please read the criteria before completing the form

By physically disabled we mean any child under the age of 18 years, who is long-term and significantly disabled through a physical impairment of the musclo-skeletal, neurological or cardio-respiratory system of the body. A high rate for DLA mobility would generally be looked for when considering applications.

We regret that the following examples on their own do not meet the criteria of the Fund: mental health conditions, learning disabilities, behavioural disorders, development delay, Down’s Syndrome, autism, visual or hearing impairment, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, HIV, back pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. However if these conditions are associated with a physical disability then they will be considered.

Who can apply? We accept applications made on behalf of physically disabled children who are under the age of 18 years, and resident in Scotland.

What can I apply for? Anything that is required to meet the special needs of the child but is not provided by statutory sources e.g. clothing, apparatus, equipment, travel, household appliances, furniture, adaptations to home or garden all of which should directly benefit the child. Grants cannot be made retrospectively.

How much can I apply for? Grants of up to £500 will be considered and higher grants may be considered. All grants are at the discretion of the Trustees.

How often are grants made? Applications may be submitted once within a 12 month period. However, it should not be assumed that funding will always be granted.

Who may sponsor the application? Social Worker, GP, Health Visitor, District Nurse, Therapists and other relevant support organisations may sponsor the application. Trainee workers and community care assistants may also apply, but a qualified person must countersign the application.

If you feel you meet the above criteria please fill in the application form. Once completed click on print, have it signed and sent to the address given. Our contact details are on the application form if you have further questions.

Data protection statement

Challenger Children's Fund (CCF) collects information provided by parents and sponsors on the application form and any supplementary statements provided. This information is used by the trustees to ascertain whether applicants qualify for financial assistance within the remit of the Trust.

With regard to personal information, CCF will only ask for information that is necessary and not excessive or irrelevant. This information will be held securely and no one other than the CCF Trustees will have access to it. Information will not be shared with third parties. Personal information will be held for only as long as necessary or until a child reaches the age of 18 and is no longer eligible for assistance.

Any person can ask to have access to the information that is held about them or about anyone for whom they are legally responsible. Requests should be made in writing to the CCF correspondence address and these will be dealt with to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.


Challenger Children’s Fund was set up as a trust in 1978 with the proceeds from the sale of Challenger Lodge, Edinburgh. The house had been a residential home for disabled children, particularly children with polio, since 1929. By the 1970’s the number of resident children had fallen as had donations to the charity which ran the home, and the building was sold to become the new St Columba’s Hospice. The trust stipulated that the funds should benefit former children of the home and other children with physical disabilities.

The name Challenger comes from a famous scientific expedition. The house was built in 1825 and in 1897 it was bought by Sir John Murray who changed the original name to commemorate “HMS Challenger” the survey ship on which he and other scientists circumnavigated the globe between 1872 and 1876. Murray eventually supervised the report of the Challenger Expedition, which catalogued over 4,000 previously unknown marine species. The term “Oceanography” was originally coined by Sir John Murray, and he was known as a prominent marine biologist and scientist of his time.

The logo of Challenger Children’s Fund commemorates “HMS Challenger.”

Challenger Children's Fund - Registered in Scotland as a charity – no: SC037375